• Signup/Register

    1. Click the link for the jciindiazonexix website.
    2. Fill the application form.
    3. Accept the terms & Condition
    4. Click the submit button to finalize your registration
  • Approval / Registration Processes

    1. Contact us Archikites office. Or Jc Shanil ,+91 9946041479
    2. You may register at any time after your subscription starting via the Archikites server.
    3. Approval fee Rs.4000/. paid directly in admin office (archikites, pilathara) or assigned ZVP
    4. If you need registration assistance , please see your Zone coordinator IT (Jc Shanil, archikites, or assigned ZVPís
  • Admin Login

    1. After the process of approval we provide LOM user id & Password for login.
    2. Check your registered mail ID for approval website link.
    3. Signup the Admin logon page.
    4. Go to administration ->plugins->manage
    5. Configure the required settings and click the save changes
    6. Repeat until you have edited all the plugins(about us, CGB, gallery, past presidents ,news)
  • Publish the LOM Website

    1. To publish your site: From the bottom of the Editor, click
    2. After a few seconds, the confirmation box will appear -> Click Ok
    3. Visit www.jciindiazonexix.org